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Oraganisation has been working in Network and awaraness of inveromental Social for last eight years.The work of Oraganisation is appreciable till now.

Aim’s Of Oraganisation :- Oraganisation awares the people about Product- Suit Length, Cooler, FurnitureAnd other And Provid The Vauinations and its arrestment and also operate the programm about operation og glouwma, speces distrubution, child welfare, flood donation eye donation and other health program.

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Operate the Sakshrta Mision Program in rural and urban areas and arrange the libreary, reading room independent literature public ations. Rehabilitation Program for widow deserted woman and children, to give the traening of swing, weaving, painting, computer and make him independent. Established the primary and higher level school and give the training for job oriented.


Conduct the plantation and pollianation control programme. Improve the drinking water, Energy conservation , Follow land and waste land. And wust rut the pond , cistern, Reseroir and interoduced about selar anergy and biogas plant. And give the awares about to save the river by pollination and save the wild lfe.

  • Construct the old age collage and widow cottage. And give the training the deserted woman and make him independent. Conduct the development and Regeneration Programm for Disabled, Hearing Impairment and Daftchild. And give the training and education for child labour poor children and beggars children, and try to make him survive their life property.
  • Conduct the vacation training, Further Eduction, Sports, Poetry Conventing Youth Welfare and Music programme ve more..